Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why Just Chicken Or Turkey?
Many years ago when our children were young, I learned that roasting a goose for Christmas was a German tradition.  Since my husband's paternal grandparents were German with the orginal name of Maister, I decided that we would roast a goose for  Christmas!
Initially, it didn't seem that complicated.  However, I soon learned that I wasn't going to get a goose from a store!
So one morning before Christmas, all the kids were piled into the car, along with our neighbor Amelia who happened to be German, and off we went to get the goose!
I was pretty well shocked with what happened next.  The goose was not ready for sale, so to speak, as I expected!  All of us witnessed the catching of the goose, the butchering, the plunking of the goose in boiling water to more easily remove the feathers, and the gutting of the goose. Yikes.  That sure was a day to remember.  And to top it all off we hauled the goose up to Lake Tahoe where we were celebrating Christmas that year!
Very important for those of you who want to roast a goose.  Be sure to prick it like crazy with a fork before you roast it in order to release the grease.  A goose is quite greasy if you don't do this.  Oh my goodness, the unnecessary things one learns in life!
As if this wouldn't be enough, I saw frozen duck in Winco the other day.  Since we're invited out to Thanksgiving dinner and thus I won't be cooking a full blown Thanksgiving dinner this year, I thought maybe I would roast a duck for Norm and I a few days before the big day.  
And, oh well, why not a goose for Christmas again?
Any one know where we might get a pheasant for New Years?!

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