Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stronger Than Sight
Sometimes individuals of varied belief systems have incredible faith in God Our Father. They have what I think of as "faith stronger than sight." Such was the faith we witnessed last evening as we watched the film  The Saratov Account, a true story about two young Mormon elders kidnapped in Russia during the late 1990's.
Knowing the church would not pay a ransom for their release and knowing their fate was certain death, these two indiviuals kept their focus steadily on God, a God who loves ALL His children.
The climax of their struggles came when they managed to free themselves of their handcuffs and were on the verge of assaulting the captors.  After praying and getting ready for the attack, they felt impressed that their actions were not in accord with God at that moment and they  chose to put the handcuffs back on!   Incredible. 
When they were blindfolded, taken to a remote spot, had a gun pointed toward them for execution, the executioner had a last minute change of heart and they were released!
Oh that we all might have such faith as part of our very fiber!  Oh that we all might have the determination to have our eyes unwaveringly  focused on Our Supreme Creator!

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