Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eggs And Horseshoes
How on earth could the quest for farm fresh eggs lead to a sculptor of horseshoe art?
Well, it happened yesterday with no effort at all!
While lost in the vicinity of Old Bruneau Highway in Marsing, Idaho, we came upon a sign that read "Farm Fresh Eggs." Suddenly the frustration of not finding an address vanished and the lure of eggs fresh from the chicken dominated!

Guess who answered the door? No other than a Mormon who could provide us not only with the fresh chicken eggs, but also with the answer to our address problem! 
This is how giving directions is done in the farmlands of western Idaho.  I was taken to the dining room window.  Then was told, "See the big green house?"  I saw and was told the property we were seeking was just beyond the Old Bruneau Highway Pond a little to the left of the big green house. And, oh, by the way, remember to not turn on the first DIRT road to the right, but the first GRAVEL road to the right!  Oh dear!
Dirt. Gravel. This stuff is just too much fun.  Our longings for future cruises, tours, safaris, cross country wanderings, and other scenic and historic trips are fading as we have such fun out here in the hinterlands.  How is it that this place is only about six hours from our Utah home?   Who would ever guess?

While admiring the horseshoe wreath to the left of the front door of this Mormon's home, we were shocked to learn that the wreath was made by the very artist of the horseshoe art we had been admiring and discovering right and left in the Caldwell countryside!  So off we went to visit with Jay Russell and learn his story.The crux of the story is that one day Brother Russell, who is a horseshoer and cattle foot shaver, had all his appointments cancelled. He sat there and thought, "Well, what shall I do today?"  The idea came to him to weld a life-size horse out of horseshoes and after about 30 minutes he had a horse head!  Things proceeded from there.  What beautiful scuptures he's created from such humble and nondescript beginnings!

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