Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Warm Springs Historic District    Boise Idaho
The minute one enters the Warm Springs Historic 
What a precious part of the past is being preserved in the historic districts of America and how grateful we are for this!

Modern homes in our present day subdivisions, although beautiful, are so similar in design and so devoid of the architectural genius of the past in my opinion. 

I give a hearty salute to the architects of days past!
Romanitc Idyllic Gate Bringing To Mind Entry To A World Of Tales Of Far Away Lands
Warm Springs Historic District     Boise Idaho  2014

Vintage Iron Works Gate  Created By The Steward Iron Works Of Wichita Kansas    
Warm Springs Historical District     Boise Idaho

Another Architectural Variation Of A Keystone Which is Balanced And Forthright To The Eye

Two Juxtaposed Gables So Different In Style Yet Displaying A Magnificent Unified Force

Pointed, Prim, Proper, And Picturesque Gable

Rounded, Rotund, Plain Gable Embellished With a Delicate Quality Workmanship Spire

A Man's Home Is His Castle
Often the thought comes as one views different residences that a man's home can truly be his own individual castle.

The right to work and purchase a home is so dear to man.  Private property ownership is an important right that we enjoy here in America and a right, one must remember, that was often not available to man in time's past. How amazingly blessed we are with the freedoms we are free to exercise.

In the Boise Idaho home modeled after a castle below, the owners actually made the saying "A man's home is his castle" a reality!
Think Boise Idaho Rather Than Medieval Europe!    Private Residence     Boise Idaho

What Would It Be Like To Have This As YOUR Entry Door?     Boise Idaho

There's Nothing Like A Medieval Tower To Create Visions Of Knights, Tournaments, Kings, And Queens!

Far Far Away And Yet So Close To Our Hearts Are Our Dreams For The Future.    Boise Idaho Night Sky

Moon In The Boise Idaho  Night Sky So Close It Seems One Could Tap On Its Shoulder!

What Could Be Grander Than An Ornate Street Lamp Positioned On A Stone Pedestal?

East Indian Wedding Festivities In Mumbai India
After Jim's work week in Bangalore, he was invited to attend one of his team member's wedding in Mumbai Bombay India. 

He appreciated the ceremonies and rituals of the East Indian culture and wanted to dress in their traditional garb.  The friendliness and acceptance of the East Indian people was phenomenal.

He considers this special life experience very fulfilling with one exception.
His disire and resolve is to make sure that the next time he visits India his wife, Lana, will accompany him for sure!
James Masters With One His Team Members      Mumbai Bombay India   2014

James Masters In East Indian Garb       Mumbai Bombay India    2014

East Indian Wedding Procession           Mumbai  Bombay India   2014

East Indian Wedding Procession       Mumbai  Bombay  India      2014

James Masters  East Indian Wedding Procession  Mumbai  Bombay  India   2014

Our Son James Visiting India
Jim had the opportunity to spend a week at the Bangalore India Intel Facility as part of his  regular job at Intel in Folsom California.
Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India due to all the high tech facilities there.

During non-working hours, Jim was able to do some sightseeing as can be seen from the following interior and exterior pictures of a grand historic building all the way down to a picture of a cow.  Cows are considered sacred in the Indian culture.

The East Indian culture is very different from our predominantly European based culture here in the United States. 
Of course, due to the many years of British rule, evidences of Europe are also seen in India.

Jim learned from an East Indian friend that Goa India is known as the Hawaii of India. 
This area of India, while close to Bangalore, was under the influence of Portugal for many years as opposed to Great Britain.

Goa has a very high standard of living compared to other areas of India. 
Goa is a popular tourist destination for native Indian and foreign tourists due to its natural beauty as well as many historic sites.
Historic Building In Bangalore India Where Our Son James Visited While On An Intel Folsom California Work Related Trip

James Masters in Bangalore India February 2014

Colorful, Simplistic, Peaceful, Inviting             Bangalore India 2014

Cows Are Sacred In The East Indian Culture/Religion

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Historic Arms and Military Memorabilia
The Old Idaho Penitentiary Historical Site houses an historic arms and military memorabilia collection which is one of the nation's largest! 
For over sixty years,the late J. Curtis Earl, a part-time Boise resident, accumulated artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age, possibly as late as 3300 years before Christ!

The most meaningful exhibits for me were the ancient arms dating all the way back to the Bronze Age, ancient Turkish and Indian arms, and medieval arms.

As is true in any museum when one is viewing artifacts dating thousands of years before Christ, it is a humbling experience.  It brings to mind the question of how these artifacts could still be preserved!  One thing is for sure.  They are definitely treasures and should be treated with care and respect for our ancient predecessors!
Spears From the Bronze Age     Possibly As Many As 3300 Years Before Christ!
How On Earth Could We Be Privileged Enough To Be Standing There Viewing These Most Ancient Artifacts?

Pole Arms Give You That Uncomfortable Feeling Of Having One Poked Right Through You.

Very Decorative Pole Arm Head, But Clearly Menacingly Deadly!

Curved Sword From Ancient India

No Question About It, This Is A Thing Of Beauty.

Ancient Knife And Its Companion Sheath.
Lying Side By Side, They Portray Seriousness, Accuracy, And Deadly Purpose.

Intricate Workmanship Is All I Can Say.    Wow!    Where Does This Talent Come From?

It Must Have Been Difficult Enough To Wield These Enormous Swords And Must Have Taken Loads Of Practice To Gain Expertise, But Really How Does The Fancy Work Fit In?

This Sword Handle Certainly Vies The Previous One In Beauty And Artistry.
After Viewing These Swords, We Will Definitely Uncover Our Ancient Spanish Sword Replica From Our 1976 Trip to Spain And Proudly Display It!

The Gatling Gun Was Invented During The Civil War And Could Fire About 800 Rounds A Minute!

Notice The VERY Long Rifle?  As I Pondered Its Enormity In Terms Of Length, I Just Can't Fathom Anyone Being Able To Hold The Thing Let Alone Aim And Fire!

You Don't Want To End Up In Sing Sing
When my children were little, I'd sometimes encourage them to behave by saying, "You better obey.  You don't want to end up in Sing Sing, do you?"

Well, this isn't Sing Sing, but it is the Old Idaho Penitentiary that is now open to the public.  Built in 1870, this penitentiary, which operated for 101 years, is one of only four territorial prisons open to the public today!

Impressive are its somber sandstone block walls, buildings, and guard towers. As one tours its many buildings, such as the hospital, dining hall, cell blocks, shirt factory building, and so forth, the message rings loud and clear to make good choices in life enabling one to have a clean conscience and to experience freedom every day of one's life!
Old Idaho Penitentiary    One Of Only Four Territorial Prisons Open To the Public Today

It Was A Sad Experience To Read About The Choices These Women Made Which Put Them In The Penitentiary

No, This Isn't Europe!  Think Boise Idaho.  Think A Territorial Penitentiary

A Bulwark Of Sandstone Quarried From Nearby Table Rock Quarry
In The Early Days, The Stone Was Cut By Hand.

A Fairly Fancy Guard Tower By Anyone's Standards

Brings To Mind The Fortresses Of The Crusaders In the Middle Ages, Doesn't It?
But No, Wake Up. This Is The Boise Idaho Penitentiary And It Is The Year 2014!

Sunset On the Old Idaho Penitentiary     Boise Idaho

Experience An Eerie Feeling As You Gaze Down the Cold Metal Cell Corridor

Bare Bone Accomodations As A Result Of Bad Choices In Life

Sets Of Three Wooden Chairs All Connected Together
Norm Can Remember Similar Sets Of Chairs At Krebbs School In Wilmington Delaware Where He Grew Up In The 1950's

Table Rock Quarry Where Sandstone Was Quarried For The Old Idaho Penitentiary's Buildings
At Present,This Cross Is Lit Up Every Night On Table Rock Mountain And Serves As A Landmark And Symbol Of Faith              Boise Idaho

Barcelona Here I Come
Our granddaughter, Taylor Masters, will be leaving this Monday, February 17, 2014 for the Spain Barcelona Mission. While awaiting her visa, she has been serving in Park City, Utah.
This is going to be a very special mission for her especially because her paternal grandmother, Elena Masters, is from Spain.
Hermana Taylor Masters, Far Right, With Fellow Sister Missionaries

Hermana Taylor Masters Serving In Park City Utah While Waiting For Visa To Spain

Hermana Taylor Masters

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nicholas Rodriguez son of our daughter Rebecca and her husband Diego Rodrigiuez
What could be better than celebrating your 10th birthday on February 11, 2014 with a cake made and decorated by your mother?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Way Back When
Remember way back when the Pilgrims would write about their trusting in Divine Providence for all their temporal and spiritual needs?
Or who hasn't noticed President George Washington stating in numerous of his addresses and written correspondence the need for reliance on the Divine Providence of God to keep us and, therefore, our nation strong?

Well, this notion of Divine Providence has become quite personal for us of late for two reasons. 

The first is the need for much rain and snow in the western United States where the drought is very extreme - the most extreme in years. 
The church members here in the Treasure Valley have been praying and fasting for precipitation.  Our food prices have the potential to skyrocket if the farmers don't have the water to irrigate their crops to fruition. And the farmers have the risk of going under financially with ongoing crop failure.

Secondly, we have felt the great need for confidence in Divine Providence in the case of one of the young sister missionarlies here in the Idaho Nampa Mission who is sufficiently ill to warrant an early release from her mission. 
She is being sent home and we are pleading with the Lord to grant her a speedy and thorough recovery.

Not sure about you, but I get a very secure and powerful feeling when I consider the Divine Providence of the Lord.  I know that at times I may not be relieved of my trials, but I have the firm conviction that I, through the Lord, will be given the strength to shoulder them with the assistance of his Divine Providence.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ice Fishing On Cascade Lake Idaho    Winter 2014

Requiring Patience, Skill, And Endurance, Ice Fishing Is For A Select Group Of Fishermen!

Tall, Majestic, And Reaching Beyond One's Natural Potential

Harsh, Delicate,Spiny, Beautiful

Silly Me.  Why Have I Never Considered Winter As A Favorite Season?

Grabbing On For Dear Life