Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spears From the Bronze Age     Possibly As Many As 3300 Years Before Christ!
How On Earth Could We Be Privileged Enough To Be Standing There Viewing These Most Ancient Artifacts?

Pole Arms Give You That Uncomfortable Feeling Of Having One Poked Right Through You.

Very Decorative Pole Arm Head, But Clearly Menacingly Deadly!

Curved Sword From Ancient India

No Question About It, This Is A Thing Of Beauty.

Ancient Knife And Its Companion Sheath.
Lying Side By Side, They Portray Seriousness, Accuracy, And Deadly Purpose.

Intricate Workmanship Is All I Can Say.    Wow!    Where Does This Talent Come From?

It Must Have Been Difficult Enough To Wield These Enormous Swords And Must Have Taken Loads Of Practice To Gain Expertise, But Really How Does The Fancy Work Fit In?

This Sword Handle Certainly Vies The Previous One In Beauty And Artistry.
After Viewing These Swords, We Will Definitely Uncover Our Ancient Spanish Sword Replica From Our 1976 Trip to Spain And Proudly Display It!

The Gatling Gun Was Invented During The Civil War And Could Fire About 800 Rounds A Minute!

Notice The VERY Long Rifle?  As I Pondered Its Enormity In Terms Of Length, I Just Can't Fathom Anyone Being Able To Hold The Thing Let Alone Aim And Fire!

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