Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October Spotlight
The Cambridge Idaho Ward Relief Society spotlighted us for their October Newsletter.

Page 3 - Volume 4, Issue 22 - October 2014

October Spotlight  Elder & Sister Masters

Welcome to our Senior Mis­sionaries, Elder Norm and Sister Christine Masters. Recently arriving in the Weiser Stake, they have made their tempo­rary home in Coun­cil and bring two wonderful and wel­come smiles to the Cambridge Ward.
Elder Masters was born on Octo­ber 1 in Wilmington, Delaware, where he spent his entire childhood. After graduating from high school, he joined the Air Force at the age of eighteen and served a year of his enlisted time in Vietnam. His occu­pation in the service was that of a mechanic. Upon leaving the ser­vice, he was stationed near Sacra­mento, California and decided to call it home. He attended and graduated from the American River College. This led him to a career working with computers and work­ing in the information systems por­tion of the field.
Sister Masters was born on September 11th in Yuba City, Cali­fornia and was raised in the north­ern California area. She attended Cal State University Sacramento, graduating with her teaching de­gree. She loved teaching kindergar­ten for seventeen years and first grade for three.
The two of them met about forty years ago at a church dance. Elder Masters had already joined the church, but she was still a non­-

member. Love took flight on the dance floor as they were married three short months later and have waltzed together through life ever since. They will celebrate their 40th anniversary on December 20th of this year. Together they have three children, but have a total of eight including five children from his previous marriage, one of whom has already sought eternal life with Heavenly Father. To date they have twenty-four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. They raised their family in the Sacramento and Yuba City areas of California and made their move to Springville, Utah upon their retirements in 2006.
Both of them were adult con­verts to the church. Although intro­duced first, Sister Masters waited to join the church until after they had been married for a month. The de­cision to join was a monumental one for both and has brought them

great joy throughout their lives. She was twenty-seven at the time, and him thirty-two.
For Sister Masters, the gospel has enlarged her love for mankind and brought much happiness to her life. She is a happier per­son and knows that it has given her hope in facing not only her trials, but in facing all life has to bring. For Elder Masters, his great love for Heav­enly Father and his savior, Jesus Christ has only continued to increase. He looks forward to spending his eternal life with them and his sweet wife.
They spent the first ten months of their mission in the Caldwell Stake. They resided in Caldwell, but covered ten wards and one branch. They were transferred to the Weiser Stake where they hope to be throughout their mission, which will end on February 5, 2015. Their decision to go on a mission was their great feeling of the need to bring others unto Christ. So many live in dire straits and their hope is to find and teach persons experiencing this how to become a stronger person through Christ and his true church, thus making the world a better place to live in. In return, they have gratefully experi­enced the bolstering and strengthen­ing of their own lives and testimo­nies through the interaction with so many of Heavenly Father's chil­dren. ©