Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Meet Me At The Fair
We set up an LDS booth at the Washington County Fair in Cambridge Idaho with the approval of the Cambridge bishop, Bishop Dopf.
We're at the fair witnessing our belief in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
We're also witnessing that the LORD works with all denominations and cultures to further His divine work.
The fair runs for six days - Monday, July 28th through Saturday, August 2nd.
If You Could Ask God One Question, What Would It Be?

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Elder Norm Masters  Washington County Fair   Cambridge Idaho   2014

Sister Christine Masters    LDS Booth    Cambridge Idaho   Washington County Fair   2014

Family Visits
Jim and family visited us for a few days in late July and Monalisa and family visited us for one day in the same month.  Words can't express how wonderful it was to see some of our family!
An 18 month mission is a long time to be away from one's loved ones so we truly relished these visits.
Sam and Rachel Masters     Council Idaho    2014

James And Lana Masters

Rachel,Sam, and Grandma Christine Masters

Rachel,Sam, Grandma and Grandpa Masters  Idaho Nampa Mission 2014

A True Blue Country Post Office
Imagine this scenario. 
You're driving through the countryside visiting church members.  The next thing you know a mailbox pops out of nowhere.  You do a double take, turn the car around, and sure enough you have not only the mailbox, but  post office boxes and a place to receive packages!  It's very impressive and it works great  for folks in this rural area.
A Country Post Office In Mesa Idaho!

Imagine Our Surprise To Find A Mailbox Out In The Middle Of "Nowhere"

A Tourist's Delight
No, you won't find the Recycling Plant's dirt pile in Council Idaho in any travel guide, but it is a unique experience  to watch the many birds entering and exiting.

That's the Masters for you.  They even get excited about a dirt pile!
Pile Of Dirt At The Recycling Plant In Council Idaho

Birds Have Found A Home In The Recycling Dirt Pile In Council Idaho!   Look To See If A Bird's Head Is Poking Out Of A Hole!

You Just Never Know What You'll Find Inside Of A Freshly Butchered Chicken! 

Watch Out For That Sharp Knife!  If You Can Just Pick Up The Pace, You Can Gut A Chicken With The Best Of Them!


It's Summertime!
When it's hot, hot, hot, there's nothing like putting on a swimsuit and jumping into the cool waters of the nearest swimming pool!
Can You Guess The Season?    Here Are Matthew And The Boys Cooling Off In A Beautiful Pool      Kevin, Matthew, Brandon, and Ryan Masters     Yuba City, California   2014

The Grand Old Park
After Jim and Lana visited us this past week, they headed to Yellowstone.
Here they are enjoying nature at its best! 
Hurray for Yellowstone !  "The Grand Old Park"       James, Lana, Sam, and Rachel Masters

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Like A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
Some of us may remember the phrase "running around like a chicken with its head cut off." Well, last week we saw 37 chickens running around with their heads cut off and this very morning we will see another group of around 30 chickens doing the same thing!

As part of a group helping an elderly couple slaughter their chickens, we have been introduced to an old skill that was commonplace in homes across America just a few short years ago.

Some of you know the process.  Whack the chicken in the head, lift that hatchet and chop the head off.  Place the chicken in a boiling pot of 140 degree water for about 30 seconds. Hang the chicken by the feet in a slip knot and pluck the feathers. 

Then comes the fun part which is gutting the chicken.  Norm plucked and I gutted.  For a city girl and guy, I think we "kept up with the best of them."  Norm now can pluck  a chicken that looks so good, it can be plopped in a meat counter at the local market and look as freshly plucked as the rest of them!

I can now ever so carefully cut out the craw, cut off the feet, neck, and upper part of the wings with a touch of dexterity.  I can remove the innards preserving only the heart, liver, and gizzard with a satisfactory rate of speed.

We have learned a new skill, but, most importantly, we have worked as a team with others to help a couple living "off the grid" freeze meat for the winter.

It's a good feeling.
Redemption And A Wooden Cross
As we work with people regarding the forgiveness of their sins through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, both in the Garden of Gethsemane and culminating on the cross of Calvary, a good many have great difficulty believing that their sins can be forgiven because of the gravity of those sins.

Such was the case of one individual, but through sincere teaching, the constant influence of the Holy Ghost, and fervent prayer, he was granted the gift of being able to forgive himself with his eyes focused on the LORD.

Before we left our previous area in the Caldwell  Idaho Stake, he presented us with a plainly wrapped package.  The contents revealed his handcrafted wooden cross with the word "Atonement" wood-burned horizontally and the word "Redemption" wood-burned vertically with the letter "E" being the common letter.

Now, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, do not use the cross as a religious symbol because we focus instead on the Risen Christ. 
However, in this case, the wooden cross is hung in our living room reminding us daily of the Supreme Sacrifice of God Our Father's only begotten Son as well as an individual privileged to recognize this Sacrifice and experience the inestimable gift of forgiveness.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vintage School Desks
Grandpa Gary Metcalf found these vintage school desks for Brandon and Kevin!
Kevin Ray Masters     A Genius At Work!

Happiness Is Having A New Desk

Brandon Lee Masters    I Love My Grandpa Gary Metcalf For Finding This Old School Desk For Me.  He Is Taking Me To Lowe's Today To Buy Red Paint For My Desk!

Brandon's Remembrance Of The Baseball Game He Attended With His Dad    2014

Down The Road And Up The Lane
Look at the many things of beauty I saw during my evening walk!
Weed Wonder

Skinny Minnie

Copper Sunset

Wild White
Lavender Lovely

Lacy Spectacular

Apparently Someone Disagreed With The Message On This Sign

Panoramic View Of The Ghost Town Of Silver City Idaho As Seen From The Pioneer Cemetery

Our Lady Of Tears Catholic Church In Silver City

Danger! Falling Rocks!

Great! Just What We Wanted To See

Now, That's Comforting

This Is Why Norm's Grandmother Brown Referred To His Bicycle As A 'Wheel'

Definition Of A Rock Hound

Green Goddess

Azure Beauty

Imagination    Indian Warrior Riding a Buffalo?

Rocks As Seen Under Black Light

Beautiful, But What Is It?

Elder And Sister Masters At Historical Museum In Baker City Oregon

Elijah Rodriguez    Pluto     1930 - 2006      RIP      Revolve In Peace

A View Of The Gold Dredge In Sumpter Idaho

Boise Idaho Skyline On A Glorious Afternoon

Elijah And Grandpa

Elder And Sister Masters At The Basque Area Of Boise Idaho

The Seven Devils Mountains     He Devil, She Devil, Devil's Throne, Tower Of Babel, The Ogre, Mount Baal, The Twin Imps

A Quiet Morning In The Hells Canyon Scenic Byway

Christine     Chicken Through And Through    Jet Boat Ride Through Hells Canyon   A Dream Come True

Anticipating A Bumpy Ride!

We Made It!

Mountain View From The Jet Boat    What A View!

Old Glory Rocks In Hells Canyon