Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Like A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
Some of us may remember the phrase "running around like a chicken with its head cut off." Well, last week we saw 37 chickens running around with their heads cut off and this very morning we will see another group of around 30 chickens doing the same thing!

As part of a group helping an elderly couple slaughter their chickens, we have been introduced to an old skill that was commonplace in homes across America just a few short years ago.

Some of you know the process.  Whack the chicken in the head, lift that hatchet and chop the head off.  Place the chicken in a boiling pot of 140 degree water for about 30 seconds. Hang the chicken by the feet in a slip knot and pluck the feathers. 

Then comes the fun part which is gutting the chicken.  Norm plucked and I gutted.  For a city girl and guy, I think we "kept up with the best of them."  Norm now can pluck  a chicken that looks so good, it can be plopped in a meat counter at the local market and look as freshly plucked as the rest of them!

I can now ever so carefully cut out the craw, cut off the feet, neck, and upper part of the wings with a touch of dexterity.  I can remove the innards preserving only the heart, liver, and gizzard with a satisfactory rate of speed.

We have learned a new skill, but, most importantly, we have worked as a team with others to help a couple living "off the grid" freeze meat for the winter.

It's a good feeling.

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