Thursday, February 13, 2014

Old Idaho Penitentiary    One Of Only Four Territorial Prisons Open To the Public Today

It Was A Sad Experience To Read About The Choices These Women Made Which Put Them In The Penitentiary

No, This Isn't Europe!  Think Boise Idaho.  Think A Territorial Penitentiary

A Bulwark Of Sandstone Quarried From Nearby Table Rock Quarry
In The Early Days, The Stone Was Cut By Hand.

A Fairly Fancy Guard Tower By Anyone's Standards

Brings To Mind The Fortresses Of The Crusaders In the Middle Ages, Doesn't It?
But No, Wake Up. This Is The Boise Idaho Penitentiary And It Is The Year 2014!

Sunset On the Old Idaho Penitentiary     Boise Idaho

Experience An Eerie Feeling As You Gaze Down the Cold Metal Cell Corridor

Bare Bone Accomodations As A Result Of Bad Choices In Life

Sets Of Three Wooden Chairs All Connected Together
Norm Can Remember Similar Sets Of Chairs At Krebbs School In Wilmington Delaware Where He Grew Up In The 1950's

Table Rock Quarry Where Sandstone Was Quarried For The Old Idaho Penitentiary's Buildings
At Present,This Cross Is Lit Up Every Night On Table Rock Mountain And Serves As A Landmark And Symbol Of Faith              Boise Idaho

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