Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Way Back When
Remember way back when the Pilgrims would write about their trusting in Divine Providence for all their temporal and spiritual needs?
Or who hasn't noticed President George Washington stating in numerous of his addresses and written correspondence the need for reliance on the Divine Providence of God to keep us and, therefore, our nation strong?

Well, this notion of Divine Providence has become quite personal for us of late for two reasons. 

The first is the need for much rain and snow in the western United States where the drought is very extreme - the most extreme in years. 
The church members here in the Treasure Valley have been praying and fasting for precipitation.  Our food prices have the potential to skyrocket if the farmers don't have the water to irrigate their crops to fruition. And the farmers have the risk of going under financially with ongoing crop failure.

Secondly, we have felt the great need for confidence in Divine Providence in the case of one of the young sister missionarlies here in the Idaho Nampa Mission who is sufficiently ill to warrant an early release from her mission. 
She is being sent home and we are pleading with the Lord to grant her a speedy and thorough recovery.

Not sure about you, but I get a very secure and powerful feeling when I consider the Divine Providence of the Lord.  I know that at times I may not be relieved of my trials, but I have the firm conviction that I, through the Lord, will be given the strength to shoulder them with the assistance of his Divine Providence.

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