Friday, November 29, 2013

Hot Cocoa And Vanilla Ice Cream In The Winter And Root Beer And Vanilla Ice Cream In The Summer
During the evening of Thanksgiving, we went for a walk through Caldwell's "Winter Wonderland" of holiday lights.  Afterwards, we drove back to our toasty warm apartment to enjoy hot cocoa ,cookies, and vanilla ice cream.
To our surprise, one of our guests shoved aside her bowl of ice cream, quickly scooped her ice cream in the hot cocoa and announced, "Now THIS is the way to enjoy hot cocoa!" 
In turn, most of us abandoned our ice cream bowls and followed suit.
You've got to try hot cocoa this way!
For me, this is the method I'm going to use to enjoy hot cocoa forevermore!
Hot cocoa with vanilla ice cream in the winter and root beer with vanilla ice cream in the summer!  Now THAT is the good life!

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