Saturday, November 23, 2013

Arithmetic And Counting Your Blessings
Who knows what nut came up with the word Arithmetic anyway, but these days it sure seems mighty archaic! Like a fair number of English words and phrases, Arithmetic has been plucked up and set aside by the more sleek word "Math."
Doesn't sound quite as complicated, does it?
Thinking back to my second grade Arithmetic days, my memories are vivid of working like mad in my Arithmetic workbook and not having too much of a clue what I was doing.  Of course, I could only half concentrate anyway because I was too worried that the teacher, who was making the rounds, would poke her nose in my workbook and see what a mess I had created! Oh, the frustrations and fears of a seven year old school girl.  Amazingly, even in the midst of such problems, I LOVED school!

One person, far wiser than I, has said, "The hardest Arithmeitc to master is that which enables you to count your blessings."

Well, let's see, with five more days left until Thanksgiving, maybe we can resurrect our Arithmetic skills from bygone days and start getting the old thinker going on how many blessings we can count in our lives.  There's no better way than by using our basic  Arithmetic skills and starting the count "one by one."

Who says we can't be good at the higher level Arithmetic?  Oops, I mean the higher level math!

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