Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Old Desk
Okay, picture a spacious master bedroom with French doors and a plethora of windows looking out on surrounding orchards and a beautiful yard.
Now picture a large, heavy, scratched, bulky, and old metal desk purchased from the State of California salvage furniture.
Yes, such was the desk that was plunked down in our master bedroom at our Yuba City California country home about ten years ago.
Having just been called as the ward Relief Society President, I was counseled to have a desk set aside just for Relief Society work. 
When looking at attractive new wooden desks that might match our bedroom set, they just simply seemed not to "fit the bill" mostly in the sense of roominess and practicality.

So the old "clunker" desk was purchased, hauled in, and set amidst more prosperous looking furniture pieces.
This old desk saw many an hour of working to meet the needs of the women of our ward at that time as well as women in the community.  Early morning hours before work, daylight hours on days off, and late night vigils at the desk were spent praying for divine guidance, turning the pages of well worn scriptures, pondering sisters' needs, planning upcoming events, searching for comforting words for those sorrowing for a myriad of reasons, and organizing lessons.
Yes, this old desk was my faithful companion during a special time in my life.  The old desk,just like people, didn't necessarily look so great, but was what the Lord had at hand to spread His love and service to others at the time.

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