Monday, November 18, 2013

Floor Lamps And The Motley Crew
Many years ago now, when I was the Relief Society President in the Yuba City California Feather River Ward, we held a Relief Society Board Meeting with the theme of The Light of Christ.  Every aspect of that meeting focused on light from all the overhead lights being turned off with just floor lamps providing  light.  The talks and discussions, as well as the hymns sung, were focused on LIGHT.

We sure were a "motley crew" that night.  Some of us had hardened hearts. Some were struggling with young children while others were fighting the ailments of old age.  But in we came and it is amazing what happened to us that night.  The older sisters had a new glow on their faces. The younger ones seemed more confident to return to their little ones with renewed purpose.  And, best of all, the sister with a very hardened heart, expressed her gratitude for the beautiful, inspiring gathering.  Even the features of her face looked softened in the light of that night.

All of us seek to escape the darkness of our lives in any form.  We gladly walk towards and in the light.  We know that the light we enjoy is good when it causes our hearts to burn within us with love for our Eternal Father in Heaven and Our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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