Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mowing The Lawn
Revelation from our Heavenly Father and promptings from the Holy Ghost, in the form of thoughts coming to our minds or feelings to our hearts, can come in any setting - sacred or mundane.
Having said that, I still wonder about one of my most prized promptings that came to me while mowing the lawn, of all things, many years ago.
For twelve years we had the privilege of living in "our dream country home" in Yuba City, California. The yard was a "park-like setting" dream also. Our riding lawn mower was short lived and I mowed that acre faithfully for all those years walking the acre and loving every minute of it!  Sure do miss it.
One day as I was mowing the front yard, I received an insight, too personal to discuss here, regarding a significant problem.
I've often thought back and wondered why this insight wasn't revealed in a more "sacred" setting, such as the temple, the church, or a poignant moment with a family member or friend.
I guess the moral of the story is be on your toes because the Lord is ready to help you at any given moment and, sometimes, in the most unlikely places. 
 How grateful and humbled we are for such a concerned Supreme Being!

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