Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happily Ever After
The old fairy tales we read as children explained it perfectly.  We would lead lives with some problems, some quite challenging, but in the end, everything would work out and we'd definitely live happily ever after!
Sounds great, doesn't it?  Remember the sigh of relief as you'd finish a fairy tale and realize that all was resolved and not a fragment of worry rested upon anyone's mind?

Wait a minute, you might say, things sure haven't worked that way in MY life.  Despite my gargantuan, persistent, and monumental efforts, one and one hasn't always equaled two! Strange.

As we gain more wisdom, we are more perceptive in realizing that when things DO turn out well, we should celebrate with great gusto, relish the moment, and give thanks to the Lord for His great bounty.  That's right and proper.

Looking at it from the flip side, when we work like crazy to make something work in life that ends up not to our liking, it's time to work  like mad to fix it the best we can.  Although the situation may not be exactily as we would have it, we can always make things just a bit better by accecting the situation, making necessary changes and amends, and moving forward.  That, in turn, is also right and proper.

Looking forward is always the way to go.  Troubles purify us, not defeat us!

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