Sunday, September 1, 2013

Preparation Day
Last Monday, August 26th, we got permission from President Cannon to go into the Boise area to visit church services facilities with the thought that this information may be useful to some of the people we visit.  It isn't essential, but we didn't want to direct people to these resources without having been there ourselves.  We visited and introduced ourselves to the leaders at Boise Deseret Industries, Employment Resources, LDS Family Services, and the Church Cannery in nearby Garden City. We were impressed, as always, with the help available to LDS members and non-members alike  to improve their lives and the lives of their families!

Another Day In The Country
We were making our way through the mazes of country directions and, of course, once again couldn't find a particular address. Mind you, MANY of the homes don't have numbers on them!  We saw this barn shaped building and thought it might help.  When we got close enough to read the lettering, we were shocked to read CLIFFORD'S DOG HOUSE. Norm looked at me and said, " I think we have been doing this too long"!

Cookies, Our Trademark
When we were in the MTC, we learned that one couple in years past were known as the caramel popcorn missionaries.  They brought their popcorn maker to the mission and made popcorn all over the place - even at local high school games!  We looked at each other and wondered what WE could do for a trademark.  Well, at our first Zone Conference, President Cannon introduced me as the "Cookie Sister". Thus we found the answer to our trademark problem!  You should have seen some of the missionary's faces when the word "cookie" was mentioned. As they used to say in  the Laurel and Hardy movies, "You're onto something, Ollie"!   I make  cookies each month for our district meetings with the young missionaries.  We went the extra mile and bought a cookie book, Best Ever Cookies.  It has a section on old- fashioned cookies which are my FAVORITE.  Each month will feature a new cookie recipe. So far so good.

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