Friday, August 23, 2013


Caldwell is a small town bordering on Nampa with two main one way streets - Blaine and Cleveland.  When reaching Nampa, Cleveland becomes Nampa-Caldwell Boulevard. After going a short way on this boulevard, you benefit from many familiar stores such as Walmart, Costco, Winco, Penney's, etc., etc.

A Mexican Restaurant in Caldwell called Janitzio's serves mouth watering dishes!  Janitzio is an island on a man made lake in Guadalajara in the Mexican state of Jalisco.  The owner's parents would bring her there on picnics when she was a child.

Our Neighborhood

Our apartment complex was intricately designed so that the five units are tucked away in a manner that each appears to be a separate little home.  Our apartment is spacious (1100 square feet) and has two bedrooms. 

The apartment is less than a block from the College of Idaho, a liberal arts college which  had Presbyterian origins.  The grounds are a beautiful addition to our neighborhood.  I like to watch the football team practice in the mornings.  When I've come home from my morning walk and try to recreate the football practice moves for Norm, he is not impressed!

The neighborhood consists of older, established homes each with a unique architectual plan.  I love these homes probably because many of them remind me of my Nonna's (Italian for Grandmother) home on the ranch.  Most of the yards are beautifully landscaped with lots of colorful flowers and also with a mixture of vegetable gardens interspersed among the flowers. The trees are tall seeming to nearly reach the sky and the best part of all is that there are many pines, my favorite tree!

It is common here to find antique agricultural equipment as part of the yard decor.  Also, many of the mailbox posts are anchored in an old milk can most likely because of the large dairies nearby.

Beyond Caldwell

Beyond Caldwell's city limits, there is acre after acre of farm land.  In this area are the additional towns of Homedale, Greenleaf, Marsing, and Wilder to name a few.

The crops include hops, sugar beets, corn (sweet, feed, seed), alfalfa, wheat, etc . Orchards include apples, pears, peaches, plums,and cherries.  There are vineyards and wineries.  This area is called the Snake Valley Wine Region.  Bee boxes, dairies, cattle, horses (rodeos are big here) abound. The terrain is sloping so that one can see farm after farm in the distance all the way to the horizon which borders on mountains. It's very scenic. The Owyhee Mountains are very close.  We haven't explored them yet, but they're on our list to visit.

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