Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our First Week in Caldwell
Our first assignment is to labor in the Caldwell Idaho Stake.  During our first week, we organized our apartment, supplied it, got acquainted  with our stake president, President Christensen, and jumped in with both feet and began visiting people.

Our First Zone Conference
We attended our first quarterly zone conference.  We also acquainted ourselves with our required weekly and monthly missionary meetings.

Wow!  Are we going to be BUSY!  Is this why they call us FULLTIME missionaries?

A great mission is difficult, but we stretch, reach, and grow.  The Lord is in the details of the work.

Inspirational Thoughts

Patience is the ability to put our desires on hold for awhile.
Patience is actively working toward our goal without getting discouraged.
Patience is working and exercising faith. 
Patience is not just enduring passively; it's enduring well.

Humility is positive and involves strength.
Humility is the willingness to submit our will to the Father.
Humility includes gratitude for blessings, acknowledgement of God's help, power, and mercy.

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