Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stretching Exercises For Joints
At the MTC we were shown a health DVD for senior missionaries.  Among many things, stretching and exercising every joint in your body twice a day was recommended. I haven't found the time to do this twice a day, but have been able to spare a few minutes each morning for the exercises.  The exact way one was to do this was not presented so I made up some exercises and went for it.  So as not to offend any joint, I exercise even parts of the face whether it is a "joint" or not.  One cannot imagine how many joints and otherwise you can discover in the body.  It is great advice.  I'd recommend it to all seniors.  It doesn't take long and it gets rid of the morning soreness and stiffness big time.   Norm doesn't do it because he's afraid something will fall off!

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