Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Birthday
Today is my birthday.When I really think about it, I've had the good fortune to see 67 seasons of the year, 67 holidays, and the best part is that I've spent them all with those I love and cherish.  What could be better?  There are those who shy away from their birthday and their age jokingly which is fine. We all do.  But in reality what a special day to pause a bit and recollect the wisdom, joys, sorrows, trials, insights, etc of the past.  Birthdays really are special days after all!

Fellow Masters Missionary
At the same time we are serving a mission here in the Nampa, Idaho area, our grandson, William Andrew Masters, Jr., is serving also in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  This is a special thing because both the young and the "more seasoned" are serving others together.  What a great thing!

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  1. We hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!! Thank you for the letter, the kids loved it!