Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thanks To Our Son Jim
One of our sons, Jim, set up this missionary blog for us when he, Lana, and family came to Utah for our missionary farewell.  One cannot calculate the number of times we have, and no doubt will,,in the future be calling Jim at various and sundry times with the first words out of our mouths being "HELP"! 
He always comes to the rescue with patience and reassurance.  However, one time I had made a grammatical error and didn't know how to correct it once it was published.  Knowing how I am a stickler for good grammar, he said teasingly something like "It can't be fixed. You're going to have to live with it".  To which I said something like "What, I'm trying not to be OCD, but this is going over the top"!  Thank you, Jim, for all your help. We love you.

Our Missionary Journal
This blog is in effect our missionary journal so it fulfills a dual purpose to keep all our family and friends appraised of our experiences.  When our mission is completed, we hope to have a bound book made as part of our family history. I have a special missionary journal for more personal thoughts and experiences, but this is the main log we are keeping.

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  1. Love that you're keeping such a good journal with pictures for all to see. What great memories you will have. We hope you are doing well. We're praying for your safety!!! Love, Monalisa