Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wonders Of The World
I've always loved to travel and my greatest joy seems to be getting on the road and "going somewhere."  In fact, when I travel I never want to come home! 
I want to keep going on and on wondering what surprises may be just beyond the horizon and that yonder hill.  As a child, I'd dream about the Seven Wonders Of The World.   Wow!

Experience has shown me that I have seen many wonders of the world through our family travels near home and a bit beyond.
Consider our rides through the country looking for hawks and windmills.
How about dining on McDonald's fare sitting on a grassy slope overlooking the beautiful North Lake Tahoe shore. 
Think of our picnics and swimming at Rancho Seco with our children plus some of the neighborhood children as well.
Remember how quiet we were that night at Fort Bragg when we looked out our tent door observing the racoon opening our food reserve! 
Last, but not least, I'm sure the kids remember our trip to the ghost town of Bodie, Nevada, which only mom thought was the greatest thing on earth.
Everyone else was rolling their eyes and bemoaning their worst outing ever!

Each day there can be some wonder of the world within our grasp.
It just takes a little effort and practice to realize it.

Remember, just one turn of the key brings the wonders of the world right to our front door.

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