Monday, January 20, 2014

Where Heaven And Earth Meet
Isn't this earth overflowing with magnificient natural beauty? 
Sometimes the wonders of nature just take our breath away as we drink in the majesty of it all..

Likewise there are times when we chance to meet an indiviual whose insight, goodness, and humility take our breath away as we experience magnificent beauty of spirit. 

Comtemplate how good you felt after talking with these people.  Remember how you wished you could be more like them?  Remember how you were motivataed and, yes, inspired to greater heights of selflessness and concern for others?

I sure do love this amazing planet,  It is one of a kind.
Also,I sure do love meeting humble and selfless individuals.  They also are one of a kind. 
And, yes, their presence does take your breath away.

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