Monday, January 20, 2014

I Shall Return
These famous words of Douglas MacArthur to the people of the Phillipines during World War II arouse feelings of determination, triumph, and overpowering strength.
And return he did with strength of steel to liberate the Phillipine Islands from tyranny and oppression.

In like manner, Our Savior Jesus Christ has promised  that He too shall return to this earth at His second coming. He also will return with triumph and overpowering strenth to liberate us from sin and all the forces of evil.  As the people of the Phlilipines were rescued from the tyranny imposed upon them, we, too, shall be rescued by the Lord and brought forth to live with Him forever according to our faithfulness.

What a joyous prospect of eternal life comes before our eyes and how clearly we see that the gospel of Jesus Christ is most outstandingly the gospel of hope.
It would be well to remember that even in the midst of seemingly overwheming challenges, hope is always shining brightly before us.

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