Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Which Is Which?
It all started with our Caldwell Stake President, President Christensen, owner of an exclusive golf course out in the country, telling me to feel free to use the golf course clubhouse's bathroom when needed as we visit less active members and investigators in that area.

Well, it sounded like a splendid opportunity in lieu of the golf course's outhouse I was using previoiusly.  It sounded great until one day I walked into what I THOUGHT was the clubhouse, greeted everyone with a hearty "Good Morning", introduced myself as a missionary pointing to my name tag, explalined I was there to use the restroom as President Christensen had suggested, and commented on how nice to have the bathroom so close to the entryway.

I bagan to become a bit suspicious when I noticed a blue cloth hand towel near the sink instead of a paper towel dispenser.  Then I was surprised to find a lady standing outside the bathroom door to accompany me to the nearby front door.   But the coup d' grace was the sound of the front door locking behind me the minute I had exited!

When I got to the car, I commented to Norm that I may have just used the bathroom of a private home!  The answer is "Yes, I sure did!" 

Then came the difficult part of calling the stake president and relating what had happened and going the next day to apologize to the owners!  All's well that ends well, I suppose.  I have never seen the stake president laugh so hard especially when he realized that I am only five months into the mission.  What on earth can top this fiasco  during the remaining thirteen months!

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