Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Old Caldwell Home
Vintage Homes
This home is representative of the unique and archetecturally diverse homes in Old Caldwell.

Old Fashion Garden
 Morning Stroll
Who wouldn't be tempted to take a leisurely morning stroll though a neighborhood filled with flowers and inviting gardens!
Sister Masters At Caldwell Rodeo Arena
 The Caldwell Rodeo
The Caldwell Rodeo is listed among the top 20 Professional Rodeos in the nation.  It is one of the rodeos listed on the profession rodeo tour.
Elder Masters Beside Indian Creek In Caldwell Idaho
Indian Creek
For years Indian Creek was basically covered in Caldwell by buildings. The downtown area became run down and city planners decided to unearth the creek and create a beautiful park/walkway beside the creek. As you can see in the picture, this area now invites city dwellers to come and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

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