Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Silver City Idaho
Many years ago, we visited the ghost town of Silver City Idaho!  Now, many years later, we went again on a day that had just experienced rain and thunder.  The mountains, sky, and earth in general were clean and crisp and a feeling of calm was in the air. 
We passed through the little town of Murphy where we saw an old cabin, railroad car, and  covered wagon to name a few. 
Then up we climbed in altitude, marveling at the vistas surrounding us, until we reached Silver City.  Who knows which is the greater delight - the beautiful journey to and from Silver City or the many things of yore to experience there, or a little of both!

Interesting Curiosities Pop Up Right And Left
In the little farming town of Homedale Idaho is the New York Cafe owned and operated by New York transplants.
One item on the menu features "salt potatoes", tiny baked potatoes cooked in salt water, drained,served with melted butter, sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper, and popped into the mouth for a delicious culinary experience!  Very unique.

We visited a gentleman with a lovely home and yard which were neat as a pin.  Some time back, he had some pipe work done and afterwards he wondered what he would do with the large pile of dirt that remained to the right of his home.  No problem!  He decided to build a mine! 
The result is a small mine which we explored with him.  Amazingly, he built it to look like a "real mine" complete with mining artifacts, some of which he gleaned from exploring nearby old mining ghost towns of the late 1880's!  To top it all off, at Halloween he decorates it to the hilt and the trick or treaters have the time of their life within its confines!
Who has ever seen the likes of this as they've cruised neighborhoods past and present!

In the Sacramento California vicinity, there were hop fields on the way to Jackson California. As a child, I was intrigued with the way the hops grew up the wires and often thought to myself, "How in the world do they make beer from these things?"  I still don't know the answer to that question, but hops are alive and well in the farmlands of western Idaho!

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