Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Any Thoughts About Spirituality?
In the past, I've had a tendency to think of spirituality as something I would ponder in my recliner or discuss with a friend or maybe read about..
It has been brought to my attention that spirituality is similar to faith in that it is a principle of action.
Spirituality does include the element of our quiet moments with the Divine, but it also consists of doing.  Spirituality is doing things such as keeping our promises to God, having an increased awareness of the needs of others, having integrity, and having a "buoyancy of spirit" and optimism.
I was happy to discover that spirituality is a talent that can be developed.  How exciting is that?
Bruce R. McConkie, LDS Apostle, has said, "Above all talents - greater than any other capacities, chief among all endowments - stands the talent for spirituality."

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