Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Uncle Paul
Uncle Paul died yesterday afternoon at age 90 while taking an afternoon nap.
He was a very bright, knowledgeable man.  He was nicknamed "The Professor!"
When I was a child and beyond, he has been a special part of my life.  I can remember him washing his car and packing when he would prepare to go to San Pedro to court my Aunt Tina.
He raced boats and won several trophies.
He was a mastermind when it came to farm equipment and everything that went with it.  He'd take me all around  the ranch and in town in his pickup and talk endlessly about farming, engines, and the like.  Often, when I was a child, I couldn't follow what he was talking about, but just enjoyed being in his company!
He nicknamed me "Toogie" when I was young and even made up a song entitled
"Toogie" which he would sing in Italian.  I can still sing it in Italian to this day.

Often, he would shorten my nickname to "Toog"  He never called me Christine.  It would have seemed so strange if he had.
What a unique individual.  My cousins and I and all his family will miss him so much.

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  1. Sis. Masters! I noticed your blog address on the Sacrament Meeting program last week and was excited to look the two of you up and see how you are doing in Idaho. It looks like you are both doing well. What a neat opportunity you have to serve the Lord. We are doing well here in Springville, things are pretty much the same. We will miss knocking on your door this evening when we take the kids out for some Trick-or-Treating. :) Hope all is well. Love, Kirstin