Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Greatest Story Ever Told
Focusing on the history of the earth, we are familiar with the great civilizations, the great events, and the great people who have populated this planet.

But the single greatest event in all human history  was GOD Our Father sending His Beloved Son into the world over two thousand years ago.  Jesus The Christ was born in a stable, lived as a workingman, and died on a cross.  He lived on this planet for thirty-three years.

He taught us of His Father and of the Holy Ghost.  He showed us how to live, not just for our years on this earth, but eternally.  He explained truths that make our souls joyous and free.

Christ's story is "The Greatest Story Ever Told" and His life is "The Greatest Life Ever Lived."

Sister Christine Masters     Sacrament Meeting Talk     July 2014

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