Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's Been One Year!
Often we just don't know how it has happened, but time has steadfastly and religiously moved on not paying a bit of attention to us!
One year ago today, we entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.
After our training, at approximately 3:30 pm on August 9th, we left the MTC  laden with six plastic tubs of "stuff" and drove the six hours to the Idaho Nampa Mission home.

Our welcome into Idaho was sad and eerie with a forest fire raging to the east. A long expanse of fire on what seemed like the crest of a mountain range ominously burned to our right as we drove.  We tried to kept our eyes focused, for the most part , straight ahead and arrived in Nampa around 10 pm or so.

President Cannon, the Idaho Nampa Mission President, and his wife welcomed us at the mission home where we spent our first night in Idaho.  
The next day we visited the mission office and then were taken to our first home in Idaho, an apartment in Caldwell just one block from the College of Idaho and the historical residential district. 

Within minutes, Brother Jason Miller, the high councilor over missionary work in the Caldwell Stake, and his wife Tasha arrived.  Wow.
They took us on a tour of the Caldwell wards, to a delicious Mexican lunch, and then on to the Boise Temple.  Now, what could have possibly been a better introduction to our mission than this, we ask!

The first ten months of our mission were spent in Caldwell and the surrounding  farming/ranching/dairy areas of Marsing, Homedale, Greenleaf, Wilder, and also down to Jordon Valley, Oregon.

About six weeks ago, we were transferred to the high country here in Cambridge and Council Idaho where we will spent the remainder of our mission until its culmination on February 5, 2015.

Our emotions are high when we think, not only of our personal growth in so many areas., but of the many WONDERFUL individuals with whom we have formed firm friendships.

We have been blessed!
The hand of the ALMIGHTY is acknowledged  in graciously granting  these blessings.

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