Monday, December 23, 2013

Titles of Respect and Honor

The respect we show to others in terms of tiles has, in general, come down a notch or two from when I was a child. For example, I would never dream of calling my aunts or uncles by their first names.  Nor would I ever have called my mom or dad by their first names.

Times have changed and some people prefer the familiarity that comes from eliminating these titles.

Our mission president, President Cannon, asked that we, as missionaries, underline every reference to Deity we could find in the Book of Mormon.He gave each of us a soft back copy of the Book of Mormon and said he wanted the task completed by December 18th, the date of our next Zone Conference. I decided to also write all the titles of Deity I could find in the front of my Book of Mormon.

The titles of respect and honor for Our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon, as well as in the Holy Bible, are many.  While all the titles are sacred, the titles listed below really touched my heart and brought special meaning to my mind.

The Eternal Father of Heaven
A God of Miracles

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