Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ready, Set, Go!
Are you ready?  Pull out those Christmas lights and decorations!
Decorate the tree, set up the outdoor and indoor decor, put the wreath on the door, arrange those Christmas villages, pull out the Christmas recipes, and set up your nativity scene.
There are only 24 more days until Christmas.  Off we go!

Last Christmas 2012, I admired my sister Janette and brother-in-law Gary's nativity scene.
When asked why the wise men and the shepherds were so far away from the manger,
Gary explained that his mother always started off the season with the the wise men and shepherds quite far from the manger.

Each day preceeding Christmas, they were moved a bit closer until on Christmas Day they reached their destination.
What a great idea to visually prepare our hearts to welcome our Savior Jesus on this His most special day!

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