Monday, December 2, 2013

Titles Of Honor and Respect
Times have changed and using titles of respect have come down a notch or two since I was a child.  For example, I would never dream of addressing my parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles with their first names.

Some people like  the change and feel the familiarity brings more opportunity for bonding.

Our mission president, President Cannon, gave the missionaries an assignment to read the Book of Mormon underlining all references to Deity. We were then given a copy of the Book of Mormon. I decided to also list all the titles of Deity I could find.

The references to Deity in the Book of Mormon, as well as in the Holy Bible, are many.  While they are all most sacred, the titles of Deity in the list below especially touch my heart and mind.

The Eternal Father Of Heaven
A God Of Miracles
Creator of All Things From The Beginning
Our Great And Everlasting God
A God Of Truth
The Eternal Judge Of Both Quick And Dead
Lord God Omnipotent
The God Of The Whole Earth

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