Sunday, December 28, 2014

Steam Train
"I'm a steam train, big and tough,
Riding steel rails, hear me chuff;
Running on my railroad track,
Smoke is steaming from my stack.

Down the line my big wheels roll,
Engineer puts in the coal,
In my boiler, water's poured,
"TWOOT" the driver pulls the cord.

Every trip my friends are new,
People wave when I come through;
Always happy, never gruff.
Up the hills I huff and puff.

Clickety-clack the wheels all sing,
Part of history, I'm the King; 
Cross the land from east to west,
Want to ride? Well, be my guest!

Nice clean carriages, painted new,
Hear me whistle, just for you;
Buy your ticket, climb inside,
Let's go for a steam train ride!"

Graeme King

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