Monday, December 22, 2014

40th Wedding Anniversary
How could it be forty years since we were married in the Relief Society Room of an LDS Meetinghouse in Reno, Nevada?  Is it really forty years since we spent our honeymoon visiting Norm's brother, Bob, and his family in Casper, Wyoming?  Is it really forty years since we started our married life at 2223 E Street Apt. A in Sacramento, California?

Our very first meal together as husband and wife was at an Italian restaurant and it so happened that our 40th anniversary was also Italian!  How yummy the spaghetti and meatballs tasted at Largo's in McCall, Idaho!

The words from our American Greeting  anniversary card expresses our sentiments perfectly.

"I couldn't have known when we first met
That everything in my life before then had been leading to you...

But looking back, I realize that every decision led me to just the right turn,
And that every road, taken or not, brought me one step closer
To you and the love we share...

Today, I know for sure that when our paths came together
And we found one another, it was really only the beginning
Of the most beautiful journey of all -
The journey of two hearts that beat as one."


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