Monday, March 3, 2014

What's Going On?  This Is Not Rural Greece In the 1930's For Heaven's Sake!
Traffic Comes To A Dead Halt As Some 1,000 Or So Sheep Are Being Herded Across A Bridge By Lake Lowell Reservoir!

We Have A  Respect And Awe For All Involved In The Herding Of Approximately 1,000 Sheep Off The Bridge And Onto The Ajoining Field In An Orderly, Organized, And Seemingly Effortless Manner!
Kudos To The Sheep, The Shepherds, And The Sheep Dogs.

Are These Guys Good Looking Or What?  How On Earth Can They Look So Relaxed After The Commotion Of Three Shepherds And Five Sheep Dogs Of Just A Few Seconds Ago Attempting To Get Them All In Sync And Off To Their New Destination?

All Appears To Be Going Well Until You Notice A Sheep At The Far Right In The Mid Section Who Is Caught In The Fence As It Attempts To Rejoin Flock.

Lake Lowell Reservoir Placid And Calm In All Its Splendor Just Seconds Prior To Our Encountering A Sizeable Herd Of Sheep On The Bridge Paralleling The Reservoir!

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