Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marble Is Beautiful, Isn't It?
Who does not admire a beautiful piece of marble, large or small?  Who is not impressed with a beautiful marble sculpture? 

I vividly remember tears involuntarily springing to my eyes when I first saw Michelangelo's Pieta in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy. 
How does one explain such beauty brought to the natural eye in such a powerful way?

In a less dramatic experience, I remember conscioiusly vowing to etch in my brain a particularly beautiful Carrara marble fireplace at the Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California.

Wait a minute.  What makes marble so beautiful?  Is it the lack of imperfections?  No!
If marble was perfectly clear and  devoid of the dark lines and flaws, it would have the appearance of being artificial and plastic.  The truth is that the imperfections themselves are what comprise its beauty!

In a similar manner, we too can be beautiful - just like the marble- not beacause we have no memories of our past sins or imperfections, but very literally because we do!
Our sincere repentance and the great power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ figuratively polishes our imperfections over time!
Yes, marble is beautiful, isn't it? 

In like manner, we, too, can be beautiful through sincere sorrow for our sins and the infinite power of the Atonement of Our Savior Jesus Christ!

Comparison of marble and sincere repentance shared by our grandson. Elder William A. Masters, Jr., of the Jacksonville, Florida Mission from an email from his mission president.

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